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Coastal tide gauges

Coastal tide gauges

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Gladstone Dock
Liverpool- Gladstone Lock

Hilbre Island
Hilbre Island looking North

UK Tide Gauge Network
Coastal sea levels in the Irish Sea are measured by the National Tidal & Sea Level Facility network (NTSLF). The NTSLF is made up of groups hosted within the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory.

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MDHC map
MDHC tide gauge network
MDHC Network
Mersey Docks & Harbour Company network records tidal elevations at Alfred Lock, Burbo Bank, Eastham Lock and Gladstone Lock in the Mersey Estuary, and Hilbre Island situated at the end of the Dee Estuary.

Elevations are relayed via VHF transmissions and/or broadband in real time. The tide gauge on Hilbre Island is currently out of action (as of 29th June 2010).

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Coastal tide gauges
20th June 2011
Problems with display of MDHC network gauges (under investigation).

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