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Mooring in situ at Site A

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North Hoyle Wind farm
North Hoyle wind farm

Wave Buoy position Hilbre Channel (Dee Estuary)
Wave Buoy position
Hilbre Channel (Dee Estuary)

Mooring positions
Mooring positions
Site A (COA), Site B (COB)
Archived data from mooring sites
Results from deployments of equipment in Liverpool Bay and the Irish Sea are documented in the following online reports. Data, plots and statistics are freely available online.

To access the data you will need to register your details so that we have a record of data usefullness. All links with a key required symbol require registration before access is allowed.

Plots and statistics can be viewed without the need to pre-register.

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Moorings, CTD profiles, bottle samples and underway: Records of the current profile, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, pressure, nutrients, PAR, fluorescence, oxygen.


Near-real time measurements from the SmartBuoy

Mooring positions
Deploying the SmartBuoy
These measurements, from site A (near to the Liverpool Bar Light), will be used to assess the nutrient status and ecosystem response as part of the National Monitoring Programme.

The data are also being used for validating and testing ecosystem models.

You can view some of the data in near-real time by using the links below. If you require the data values please click on the CEFAS link.

» Fluorescence
» Turbidity
» Salinity
» Sea water temperature
» Oxygen saturation

» Comparisons with POLCOMS model forecast


Isle of Man long term data sets
The timeseries are continuous and ongoing and were initiated at Port Erin Marine Laboratory (formerly Port Erin Marine Biological Station), University of Liverpool.

Since the closure of Port Erin Marine Laboratory during 2006 the continuation of the dataseries has been undertaken by the Government Laboratory, Department of Local Government and the Environment of the Isle of Man Government.

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Dee Estuary Wave Buoy
Dee Estuary Wave Buoy
Near-real time wave measurements within the Dee Estuary
Measurements of waves in the Hilbre Channel, at position 53 23.6 degrees North 03 14.21 degrees West, can be found from the following links.

» Significant wave height
» Mean spectral period
» Peak period
» Wave direction
» Maximum wave height
» Surface sea water temperature


Glider deployment
Glider deployment
Glider experiment, 26 October to 17 November 2005
An autonomous Glider was deployed in the Irish Sea, in an area to the south of the Isle of Man, It was setup to move in both the vertical and horizontal, whilst avoiding fixed objects (e.g. oil and gas rigs) and the major shipping lanes.

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Measurements included temperature, conductivity, depth and salinity.



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Fixed moorings WaveBuoy:
6th August 2010
Hilbre Channel WaveBuoy: Recovered during summer. Current status is under repair.

Fixed moorings SmartBuoy:
20th December 2011
SmartBuoy: Not transmitting in real-time. Schedueled for service early in the new year.

Fixed moorings ADCP:
16th September 2008
ADCP: Real-time system withdrawn from service. However, ADCP current meters at both sites are still recording internally.

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