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POLCOMS is the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Coastal Ocean Modelling System. It comprises a baroclinic three-dimensional model with the ability to run in regions which include both the deep ocean and the continental shelf, together with linked sediment and ecosystem models.


NOC model runs

There are currently two POLCOMS numerical models running operationally at NOC, predicting mean currents, sea temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, oxygen, and nitrate. The Atlantic Margin Model (AMM) covers a larger area and runs first. The output is then used to run the nested Irish Sea Model (IRS). Model output data can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

»Atlantic Margin Model
»Irish Sea Model

The Irish Sea model is forced using weather forecasts from the Met Office »NAE Model


Validating POLCOMS models

The Coastal Observatory collects observational data from a variety of sources. One of the purposes of collecting this data is to validate the POLCOMS model.

Find out more about model validation

Observational data from the Liverpool Bay Smartbuoy and Ferrybox (attached to a Norfolk line ferry servicing the Liverpool to Dublin/Belfast route) are used to validate the POLCOMS model.



More information about POLCOMS

Find out more about POLCOMS. You can access the POLCOMS documentation and an explanation of how we run POLCOMS operationally. You can also discuss POLCOMS in our password controlled forum.

» POLCOMS documentation (PDF: 530K)
» POLCOMS documentation (Word: 950K)
»Operational procedure for running POLCOMS
»POLCOMS forum

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