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Helzel Messtechnik [link]
Consultants and manufacturers of the WERA HF radar data collection system. Based near Hamburg in Germany, Helzel provides the HF radar hardware and operational software for the NOC radar.
Links to other HF radar sites are available from this site.

Neptune Radar [link]
Consultants specialising in operational HF radar systems. Based in Gloucester, England, Neptune provides the specialist support and software interface between the measuring software/hardware and NOC's operational requirements for real-time transmission to the web.

Seaview Sensing [link]
Consultants specialising in software to analyse doppler spectrums. Seaview are based in Sheffield, England and provide the specialist software to analyse the doppler signals to extract accurate wind, wave and current data for the NOC HF radar system.
Links to other HF radar sites are available from this site.

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